Dear friends, followers and visitors,

Taking photos has been a lifelong passion for me. But since working in the Yacht Insurance business (Pantaenius) from the mid-80s on, my camera bag has always accompanied me as a kind of tool of my profession.

I needed pictures, as much as a typewriter, to document the yacht claims that I had to manage all over the world, and have been managing for more than 20 years. All kind of pure accidents, frauds, hurricanes, disasters and lots of crazy stories.

This heading on the site is empty for the moment as I am waiting for time to prepare the stories and pictures before uploading them. Later, more and more of my pictures were needed for marketing purposes within Pantaenius and we participated in many big sailing events, especially St Tropez, Palma de Mallorca and St Barth’s. We still do.

The first Sailing Yacht events and one Finn master is now uploaded on the site – lots more will be following soon. A very different skill is taking pictures at classic car races. I love long stroke engines and the old British design, that’s why I own a Jaguar MK 2 limousine, an E Type cabriolet and various Norton motorcycles.

Together with various friends, who race their classic cars, I have been going to the race tracks for around 8 years. Especially Historic F1 in Monaco, Le Mans 24h Historic, Donington Historic festival, Silverstone and Spa 6 hours. But also here – it is a question of time, more and more will be uploaded from these classic car events in due course. My motivation for working on this Internet site is to keep these often timeless and unique moments which are frozen in reality available for anybody who is interested.

Michael Kurtz


historie019 - Arbeitskopie 2


Car accident - Dominican Republic 1990

Car accident - Dominican Republic 1990


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